About us
If a colour exists, we can sample it.
Color Project European (CPE) makes colour sample for the car, building and manufacturing industries.

Our job is to:
  • find a colour’s exact match
  • reproduce it precisely, consistently, quickly
  • optimise our customer’s costs
  • produce colour sample and relative updates
  • provide innovative material for presenting and storing sample sets
  Located in Ponte S. Pietro and Chignolo d’Isola in the province of Bergamo, CPE was established in 1993 by a group of professionals who came from the colour sample industry.

Through the expert input of engineers and colourists and a major plan of investments in state-of-the-art chromatic analysis and colour application technology, today CPE is the world leader in this sector.

We achieved this by capitalising on our staff’s flexibility and initiative, thereby ensuring superior quality standards throughout the production chain so as to fully meet our customers’ expectations.

CPE in numbers
The facts and figures of success

If numbers can describe the exact size of things, those concerning CPE plants define a major industry.

Our premises:

  • over 9000 mq of production area
  • over 4000 mq of storage for raw materials
    and for the finished colour documentations

In a year we produce:

  • 15.000 coated colours
  • 10.000sprayed colours
  • more than 200.000 colour fans
  • over 150.000 colour cards
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