The perfect colour
Colour is an essential characteristic of any product because:
  • it can enhance its look
  • it is an important distinguishing element
  • it contributes significantly to the product’s success
Every day, new colours come onto the market. When new pigments are invented and new effects created, this changes not only the shade of a colour but its very structure, too.
Each colour is the result of a number of factors. One of the most important of these is the kind of substrate to which the colour is applied.

CPE’s greatest challenge is to reproduce faithfully on paper the effect any colour gives when applied to a different kind of substrate, replicating not only the exact shade but also the same structure and brilliance plus all the colour’s characteristics observed from different angles.

CPE uses specialised personnel and advanced instruments to produce perfect colour samples.

Sustainable colour
CPE for the environment.

CPE’s constant commitment to environmental protection is seen in the reduced environmental impact of its production process and products.

Specifically, CPE:
  • devotes time and resources to developing eco-compatible production processes
  • studies alternative solutions to limit/eliminate the use of harmful substances and compounds
  • uses emission-filtering secondary combustion chambers which are custom designed and manufactured for each of its plants. These devices are the fruit of advanced research in volatile organic compound (VOC) filtration systems
  • minimises its production processes’ environmental impact, respects the environment at each of its production sites, and involves its entire staff in this commitment to the environment.
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