What we do
Our products. A solution for every requirement.
CPE works with its customers to design and make different kinds of colour sample, such as:
  • fan decks
  • stripe fan decks
  • color books
  • colour charts
  • catalogues
  • posters
Colour sample collections may be supplied with a display unit to ensure maximum tidiness, visual impact and functionality.

Additional services
Not only colour.
Together with its colour sample collections, CPE can also provide its customers with a range of important services.
Formulating Storage Updating Mailing Company
CPE provides its customers with the services of a specialised colour formulation lab to create metallic or pearl colours using solvent- or water-based paint. CPE provides its customers with ample warehouse space. We can also assemble colour sets on demand. In agreement with our customer, we draw up a yearly plan defining the quantity of sets to be assembled for each delivery. Assembling on-demand colour collections often comprises updating the set to include the new colours launched on the market. Since 2004 CPE stores finishes products for a number of its customers and ships the products worldwide, acting as a mailing company. Over the years, the customer care service we offer to these customers has proved to be particularly efficient.
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