Our market
Car industry. Our highest challenge.
The car finishing sector is particularly difficult if we consider the following aspects:
  • the vast range of shades available
  • new colours added every year
  • the invention of new chromatic effects
  • the substrate the colour is applied to
  • the difficulty in identifying variances
CPE rises brilliantly to this challenge every day to provide a product that is perfect from every point of view, thanks to:
  • the experience and expertise of its engineers and colourists
  • increasingly sophisticated colour reproduction techniques
  • advanced colour application technology
  • state-of-the-art assembly methods
Our colour sample collections are:
& Marketing Tools

Colour Identification
Measuring Tools
In order to attract customers’ attention, the high-quality advertising material that top car manufacturers distribute includes colour samples capable of conveying the car’s look and feel. These are essential for body repairmen who have to pinpoint the exact colour amongst those available on the market. The colours, divided by car manufacturer or in chromatic order, are available as page-mounted chips, charts, fan decks or stripe fan decks. Colour measurement guides, colour maps, i.e. professional tools for identifying an exact colour match for a particular paint range.
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